Black currant
Blackcurrant - a natural health fighter


The leaves and berries of black currant for a pleasant aroma and curative treatment is a valuable part of a yearlong domestic herbal tea blends, marmalades and fruit wines.


They are a great storehouse of vitamins  and other health-promoting substances. They are also a rich source of energy, the sugar content of blackcurrants from 5.5 to 7.5%


They contain the most vitamin C of all cultivated fruits. It is reported that over 100 g of berries 150-220 mg, also contain very important vitamin P, E, and B has the pectins are in particular resveratrol, comprising a higher amount as blackberries and sea buckthorn berries. Of the flavonoids are especially kaempferol, quercetin and myricetin, also contain tannins, essential oils and essential oils, amino acids glutamine and asparagine, also minerals especially calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and manganese.


The complex of flavonoids acting on the vessel referred to incorrectly as vitamin P, has (especially in combination with supplied or contained vitamin C) protective effect on cells, organs, blood vessels and increase levels of antioxidants. Bioactive flavonoids interact with contained and supplied with vitamin C usually synergistically. 


Thanks to  a substantial amount of antioxidants are black currant suitable prevention against dementia, aging cells, tissues and organs, a tool for the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis and hardening of blood vessels. Contained pectins are helpful in fighting cancer.




Black currant

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