Víno Rariga
Wine of Rariga - a message of tradition and quality

Rariga wine is a nice family winery from the Little Carpathians, engaged in growing grapes, its processing and subsequent production of quality Slovak wines.


Located in Modra, this family winery farms on 2 hectares of its own vineyards. By combining traditional practices with modern technology, it produces delicious wines of several white and red varieties. The main variety of the winery is Rizling rýnsky. Therefore, when tasting Rariga wines, do not miss the richly awarded Rizlings.


The aim of the Rariga winery is to produce in smaller quantities, but in a high quality. This theory is proven by a number of medals won at several major sound exhibitions such as Vinoforum, Pezinok Wine Markets or Vitis Aurea Modra. Annual wine production Rariga wine reaches 30 thousand bottles and is designed for wine shops, catering facilities and of course for wine lovers.


Víno Rariga

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