Vins Winery
VINS WINERY WINERY - home of great wines from the village Vinosady

Richard Toth - winemaker, who stands behind the success of Vins Winery is the creation of his wines trying to maintain harmony, purity of aromas and flavors so the wine maximize granted to its varietal character. Grape processing and wine production takes place using the latest technology and part of the production of red wines matured in wooden barrels annually.

Vins wine wineries Winery not only have great resonance among praznivcami wine, but also received many significant awards at international competitions such as Vinalies internationales Paris, Pinot Gris du Monde FR, FR Charonnay du Monde, Mondial du Rosé Cannes FR, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Bacchus Madrid, Sauvignon topic, AWC Vienna, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition Terravino USA and Israel.

Constantly increasing interest in wine Vins Winery, and also many awards from national and international competitions are a signal that the way that this winery is correct tactics ...



Vins Winery

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